Refractory Materials & Equipment

Dunamite Investments represents a number of leading refractory manufacturers from around the world. We supply the complete
range of refractory materials including:
· Dense Shaped Refractories
· Monolithic Refractories
· Light Weight Insulation
· Ceramic Fibre Products
The company’s products are sourced globally from leading refractory manufactures, which comply with stringent quality standards
and are most suitable and cost effective for an application. The company also supplies a range of specialised refractory installation
equipment including:
· Gunite Machines
· Shotcrete Equipment
· Refractory Pan Mixers
· Brick Cutting Machines
· High Temperature Insulating Materials
The company manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of anchor products for standard industrial use, through to specialty
applications in the mining, metals smelting and mineral processing industries. The company supplies an extensive range of anchors,
steel fibres, hex mesh and stud-welding equipment, suitable for any thickness of refractory lining in brickwork, castable, mouldable or
ceramic fibre for temperatures up to 1 600
o C including:
Refractory Anchors – High-quality standard and custom-made products for a variety of linings and lining depths.
Hex Mesh and Tabs – Causeway steel products from the UK.
Reinforcing Fibres – Melt Extract (ME) reinforcing fibres for standard industrial use, through to specialty applications such as
extreme temperature, high corrosion or niche industry requirements.
Stud-welding Equipment – Leading stud-welding brands, including Taylor (UK) and Soyer (Germany).
CD Pins and Clips – Fastening systems that are ideal for stud-welding fasteners for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning,
and construction.
Wear Studs and Spike Studs – Wear studs used in Earth moving and Mine construction equipment, and Spike Studs used in
the Timber industry.
Shear Connectors


Our Precast Division was established in 1986, specializing in the manufacture of customized precast refractory shapes. Manufactured
off-site under controlled conditions and dry-out at our production facilities, and stringent quality control measures, ensuring the
manufacture of accurate moulds and final casting of special shapes to ensure enhanced product service life.
Advantages of precast refractory Shapes
Ÿ Consistent and controlled manufacturing process
Ÿ Unique purpose developed materials and shapes for each application
Ÿ Work done off-site resulting in minimum interference with production
Ÿ Areas of higher wear can be engineered with optimal refractory materials.
Ÿ Easier slag and dross removal due to lower porosity
Ÿ Less downtime due to quicker installation and heat up time are minimised.

Bricking Solutions Products

The Circle of Refractory Maintenance range of products includes:
· Bricking Lining Machines
· Suspended Platforms
· Kiln Access
· Refractory Tear Out
· Installation Equipment
· Material Handling Equipment

KT Grant Specialist Remote & Robotics Equipment

Dunamite Investments distributes specialised remote and robotics equipment from KT-Grant Inc, USA. KT-Grant is the
industry leader in wireless and tethered remote controlled equipment for refractory lining, slag and scale build-up removal.
KT-Grant offer a full line of equipment for the Steel, Aluminium, Non-Ferrous and Foundry, Cement, Copper, Phosphorus,
Bauxite, Petrochemical, Specialized Demolition, and related industries. With equipment in over 200 plants in 25 countries, KTGrant have a proven track record for superior custom design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation. We are pleased to
offer both KT-Grant’s standard and custom designed machines.

REFRAMANAGER Refractory Management Software

The REFRAMANAGER software system is an innovation by our partner Eldir, Italy which is used specifically in the cement
industry. It uses a single database, which can also be centralised, and this allows the management of all historical data,
organized by rotary kilns and static parts and broken down into company, factory, machine and model. The software allows
the user constant access to all the technical details relating to each operation by sequential numbering and archiving of
photographs, technical details, drawings, reports and data

Waste Heat Recovery

To help manufacturers improve their energy efficiencies and ultimately improve their carbon footprint; Dunamite Investments
takes pleasure in presenting its cutting edge technology in Waste Heat Recovery.
Since the introduction of the technology in 1953, a lot of effort has been put into its research and development resulting in
systems that are capable of producing electricity with low temperature and low pressure steam at lowered capital and
installation costs. Today there are over 850 WHR power installations in the world more than 740 of which are in China. Chinesemanufactured WHR equipment installation costs are significantly more competitive than competing technologies.
Benefits of Waste Heat Recovery Technology
· Reduces purchased power consumption (or reduces reliance on captive power plants), which in turn reduces operating
· Mitigates the impact of future electric price increases.
· Enhances plant power reliability.
· Improves plant competitive position in the market.
· Lowers plant specific energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (based on credit for reduced central
station power generation or reduced fossil-fired captive power generation at the plant).
· Waste Heat Recovery can generate a significant part of its electricity requirements using waste heat that would
otherwise be released into the environment.

Differential Particle Separation

Our company embraces innovation for success. We introduce the Differential particle separation technology to the cement
industry to improve operational efficiency. The technology is employed by unique three phase separation concept. This
technology now enjoys over 600 world-wide operational and successful installation references.
All factors being equal, our cyclones and high efficiency classifiers offer the following advantages compared to standard cyclones
and high efficiency separators:
· 10-20% increase in production.
· 1.5 to 5 kWh/t less power consumption.
· Better and more consistent particle size distribution.
· Higher strength of cement,
· Higher efficiency of classifier.
Our Differential Particle Separation Classifiers are versatile and are applicable to both Vertical Mill and Ball Mill circuits.